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I was born in Warrington in the late 1940s and lived there until the early 1970s.  I have been researching my FEARNLEY family tree since 2007.  My elder brother Edward (Eddie) has been researching the period 1837-1940 in Warrington, using mainly bmd and census records and has extensive, detailed information for this period.  Using parish records we have together extended the period covered back to 1675 in Winwick.  My particular interest is in researching the Fearnley family before that period, in Cheshire.


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·         Was 3Gg James (born 1803) illegitimate?

·         Where was 5Gg James between 1783 and 1790, while his family was removed to Golborne under the Poor Law?

·         The large numbers of Fearnleys near Great Budworth, 1525-1730.

·         Was Rostherne  (1250-1290) & Plumley (1340) the origin of the Great Budworth Fearnleys?

·         Were the Fearnleys of Farnley in Yorkshire active in the Peak forest in the Goyt valley, Derbyshire, in the 1200s?

·         The Fearnleys of Rostherne were mentioned in the Rolls of the Peak in the 1200s.  Were they related to the Fearnleys of Farnley in Yorkshire?


         Austin Fearnley

   25 July 2008

    Revised 30 July 2008

        Revised September 2009









The main research question addressed in this work was ‘who were the ancestors of my 8Gg (eight greats) grandfather, John Fearnley, who married Anne Whittell in Winwick in 1675?’


 St. Oswald’s, Winwick


Great Budworth churchyard










St. Elphin’s, Warrington


Great Budworth stocks

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